What are the gender-specific experiences of female judges on their path to the bench and in their work life as professional judges, and what difference does it make to have women on the bench? This roundtable presents findings from research with judges in Haiti, Angola, Afghanistan and Uganda.

Roundtable participants: Pilar Domingo (Senior Researcher, ODI);  Elin Skaar (Senior Researcher CMI); Marianne Tøraasen (PhD Candidate CMI); Torunn Wimpelman (Senior Researcher CMI)

Moderator:   Ulrike Schultz (Professor Emerita, FernUniversität in Hagen)

This event  presents findings from the CMI/LawTransform RCN funded Project Women on the Bench

Marianne Tøraasen

Post Doctoral Researcher, Coordinator Rights & Gender

Pilar Domingo

Senior Research Fellow

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