This seminar will examine Malaysia’s, India’s and especially China’s engagements in relation to the politics of development and peace in the two new Sudans. What are their roles in relation to questions of peace? What are their roles in the South? What are the implications for the engagement of other external powers in the two new Sudans?

Daniel Large, School of Oriental and African Studies, London is a Research Director of the Asia Africa Centre, Director of the Sudan Open Archive and the author of numerous publications on Asian powers and the Sudan.

Discussant: Gunnar M. Sørbø, Senior Researcher and Director of CMI’s research projects on Sudan

Moderator: Gunnar A Holm, Senior Advisor, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (former Councellor (2008-2011) at the Norwegian Embassy in Pretoria).

Dialogues at the Chr. Michelsen Institute is in cooperation with Refleks

Dialogues at the Chr. Michelsen Institute:
The Emerging South Powers and Africa