Brazil has in recent years deepened ties with Africa and strengthened its ties with China, India, South Africa and Russia. Economic relations with Angola, Mozambique and other lusophone African countries and other countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Algeria and Libya, have grown exponentially, development assistance has been scaled up and Brazil works closely with other emerging powers in IBSA, BASIC and BRICS. What are the objectives of Brazil’s foreign policies, and how are they pursued?      

Alcides Costa Vaz is a Professor of political science and former Director, Institute of International Relations, University of Brasilia. He is a well-known commentator on Brazil’s foreign policy and is author of several books and studies on the country’s foreign policy. He has recently published an article on Brazil’s foreign policy in the Norwegian journal Internasjonal Politikk (No 2, 2011).

Discussant: Vegard Bye, journalist and commentator on Latin American Affairs. In 2004-2008 he was representative in Angola for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. His most recent book is Bolivars uekte sønner. Det nye Sør-Amerika mellom Chávez og Lula (2010).

Moderator: Arne Strand, Senior Researcher, CMI