There has been a major expansion of Indian ties with Africa in the last decade. Trade and investment has increased manifolds. India launched its Africa Focus programme in 2002 and hosted the first Africa-India Summit in 2008 with the second taking place in Ethiopia in May 2011. At the 2011 Summit India made commitments to increase trade to USD 70 billion, make USD 5 billion available as lines of credit, and expand its grants to USD 700 million by 2015. India’s ties with South Africa are close both bilaterally and through IBSA and other bodies. What does this imply for developments in Africa?

Stein Sundstøl Eriksen is the Head of the Department of Development Studies at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. He is directing a major project commissioned by the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs on India’s role in Africa and the implications for Norwegian foreign policy (to be completed in late 2011)

Discussant: Tore Nedrebø, Tigers and Lions: Is Asia helping Africa take off economically? Nedrebø is senior advisor in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former ambassador to Nigeria

Moderator: Elling Tjønneland, senior researcher, CMI