To mark CMIs 75 year anniversary, CMI invited researchers to submit research proposals for a new, innovative research programme which would widen the present focus and add a new dimension to CMI research.

Politics of Faith will:

  • Focus on how religion and politics interrelate in the South
  • Adopt an interdisciplinary approach to the study of religion and politics

The programme will investigate how religion impacts on and is related to contemporary processes within the spheres of
(a) law

(b) political institutionalization

(c) armed conflict and peacebuilding.


The CMI hosts institutional programmes within each of these three areas: 'Courts in Transition', 'Political Institutions in Africa', and 'Peacebuilding'


The programme will be led by a director, supported by a committee of 3 CMI researchers. The present CMI committee members are: Dr. Roberto Gargarella (leader), Dr. Lise Rakner, and Dr. Are Knudsen.


In August CMI will advertise the director position as well as a post-doc fellowship as part of this new research programme. Politics of Faith will have a 5 year framework.