"Politics of Faith" is a new CMI research programme which will focus on how religion and politics interrelate in the South.


Programme Director
3 years with a possible 2-year extension


The Programme Director will lead and develop the new research programme.
The successful candidate will have:

  • A social science or humanities education with a focus on religion and politics in development countries. 
  • Extensive research experience beyond his/her PhD.
  • Broad leadership experience within research.
  • Active international networks with relevant researchers and institutions.
  • Acquisition and fundraising skills and experience.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.


In addition to CV, university transcripts and references, the application should include the three most relevant publications and a two-page sketch of plans and visions for the programme.


Post-Doc Research Position
3 years


The post-doc researcher will work with his/her own research project and develop the "Politics of Faith" programme together with the Director. The successful candidate will have a PhD in social sciences or in the humanities.


In addition to CV, transcripts and references, the application should include two relevant publications and a project sketch (5-7 pages) of a post-doc project on a topic related to religion and politics in the South.


For both positions:


CMI can offer competitive salaries and an interesting international and multi-disciplinary research environment. The successful candidates will be subject to the same privileges and requirements as other CMI researchers. The positions will include some international travel.


Successful candidates will be expected to take up their positions in January/February 2006.


For more information on the two positions, please contact Director Alf Morten Jerve (55 57 41 58).


Applications should be submitted by post to CMI, P.O.Box 6033, N-5892 Bergen, Norway or by e-mail to merete.leby@cmi.no no later than 1 October 2005. Please mark the application "Politics of Faith Programme Director/Post-Doc".