On the 30 September and the 1 October, CMI held the third and final conference in the “Everyday Maneuvers” project lead by Prof. Nefissa Naguib (CMI/University of Oslo) and financed by the Norwegian Foreign Affairs. The attendants of the conference heard two remarkable keynote speakers.

First, Dr. Hazem Kandil (Cambridge University) who has a forthcoming book entitled The Power Triangle: Military, Security, and Politics in Regime Change (Oxford University Press), presented his paper entitled Military, Security, and the Politics in Regime Change. The other keynote speaker, Prof. Catherine Lutz, who is one of the project directors of the ongoing “Cost of War” project at Brown University, presented her paper entitled Understanding Military Power in Social Context. In addition to the keynote speakers, there were inspiring panel debates and a young scholar’s corner where up-and-coming academics presented their studies and ongoing research on civil-military relations.

 “Everyday Maneuvers” will continue into 2016 with plans for a more intensive publication and project development workshop.