China's Media and Soft Power in Africa: Promotion and Perceptions, edited by Zhang, Xiaoling, Wasserman, Herman and Mano, Winston, is recently published by Palgrave Macmillian.

This volume brings together scholars from different disciplines and nations to examine and assess the effectiveness of China's soft power initiatives in Africa. Some make contributions to the theorization of the slippery concept of soft power, while others are more empirically based, providing valuable case studies in both China and Africa. This collection considers the concept of soft power and questions its relevance to understanding China's international relations and international communications. It analyzes China's soft power in Africa through its international communication channels, addressing important questions such as: Why are Chinese media in Africa? How much soft power does China have in Africa? And what is the appropriate framework to analyze Chinese media's performance in Africa?  In answering these questions, this volume also examines how China's engagement is represented in African countries' media.

Helge Rønning contributes a chapter "How Much Soft Power Does China Have in Africa? " in the book.