A recent evaluation of CMI applauds the institute for doing high quality research that influence policy and practice, for our close interaction with stakeholders and for being particularly good at communicating our research findings.

The Research Council of Norway has launched its evaluation of the Norwegian social science institutes. The internationally oriented institutes (CMI, FNI, NUPI and PRIO) get excellent overall ratings. In their press release, the expert panel, led by Professor Kerstin Sahlin at Uppsala University, say that the Norwegian social science institutes are a national asset and recommends that the government continues to invest in their research:

- The best institutes are able to combine quality and societal relevance. Success comes from an ability to combine commissioned research with self-initiated research, and also from being able to lift new questions to the forefront.

In the evaluation, CMI is described as a long-time knowledge bearer for the Norwegian system in relation to development research. It also states that the research quality is at the level that one would expect of world leading institutes of CMI’s type. CMI´s ability to maintain an understanding of user needs and to satisfy them is impressive.

-We aim to do high quality research that is used. We take this evaluation as a sign that we are on the right track and as an encouragement to become even better, says Ottar Mæstad, Director at CMI.