Photo: Tax Justice Network Norway

Many African countries are among the fastest growing economies in the world, but capital flows to tax havens limit the benefits of economic growth for ordinary Africans. The challenges are context specific and differ between countries, but there are common denominators. These challenges and common denominators form the backdrop for our new book «Lifting the veil of secrecy: Perspectives on international taxation and capital flight from Africa», edited by Odd-Helge Fjeldstad, Sigrid Klæboe Jacobsen, Prosper Ngowi and Peter Ringstad.

CMI has cooperated with Tax Justice Network Norway in making this book which offers cutting-edge analysis of key challenges tax havens pose for development in Africa. The book examines the potential for domestic reforms to complement current international initiatives. It originates from the CMI-led project Taxation, Institutions and Participation (TIP): The dynamics of capital flows from Africa, and is the result of a unique collaboration between researchers, civil society actors and journalists.

The book was launched at the 5th Pan-African Conference on Illicit Financial Flows and Tax in Nairobi on October 11. The book was given a very warm welcome, and separate launches in Tanzania and Norway are already being planned.

-The next launch will be in Dar es Salaam on November 30, says Odd-Helge Fjeldstad, senior researcher at CMI.

Odd-Helge Fjeldstad

Research Professor, Coordinator: Tax and Public Finance