Are, Jaber, David, Angie and Hiba in Sabra Are John Knudsen

In late June 2019, Are John Knudsen was in Beirut to organize filming in Sabra, one of eight urban localities under study by the URBAN3DP project. Sabra is home to the Shatila refugee camp, Lebanon’s largest open-air market and, since 2012, a major destination for self-settled Syrian refugees in the capital. To document the living conditions for refugees in Sabra and to present the URBAN3DP project to a wider audience, we filmed and interviewed Syrian families, shopkeepers, residents and local NGOs. A special thanks to the excellent film-crew David and Angie, field assistants Jaber and Hiba and the Syrian individuals and families who kindly agreed to be interviewed on camera. The permission to film in Sabra was granted by Palestinian factions and Lebanese authorities and is gratefully acknowledged, as is local facilitation by PARD, the project NGO-partner in Sabra. The film-project was commissioned by the CMI Communications Unit, produced by the Bergen-based media-group Anti and scheduled for release in the autumn of 2019 (