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How does the EU's migration agenda influence policy-making in Africa and the Middle East?

Effects of Externalisation: EU Migration Management in Africa and the Middle East (EFFEXT) is a new interdisciplinary research project (2020-2024). The project produces knowledge on the dynamics of migration and the effects of the EU’s external migration management in Lebanon, Jordan, Ethiopia, Senegal, Ghana and Libya. While previous studies have examined EU policies in continental Europe, this project examines the impact of the policies beyond Europe – providing new insights on these complex dynamics.

Bringing together scholars working on different case countries and aspects of the migration policy puzzle, EFFEXT explores the broader landscape of migration policy in Africa and the Middle East. Migration is a major element of development policies and good migration management is beneficial to states in the global north and global south. 

EFFEXT's research and findings will provide relevant policymakers with a renewed understanding of the impact of the EU's external borders, beyond continental Europe. The project develops excellent academic research and contributes to theory building in an under-explored area. 

The project consists of eight researchers – each with strong experience and competence in the fields of migration. We launched the project in late 2020 with a successful workshop for the project researchers. We're looking forward to working together for the next four years! 

The project is a collaboration between institutional founders in Norway (Chr. Michelsen Institute), Denmark (Danish Institute of International Studies), and the UK (Oxford Brookes University, the Centre for Development and Emergency Practice; and the University of Manchester’s Global Development Institute). The project is funded through the Nordforsk programme.

You can find out more about the project and follow the project developments on our website or Twitter.


Effects of Externalisation

Nov 2020 - Dec 2024