Image: The Norwegian Council for Africa
Our PI Cathrine Talleraas appeared in a panel on African perspectives on European migration policies. The panel was organised by Fellesrådet f Afrika (The Norwegian Council for Africa). 
The migration from African countries has often been described as an uncontrollable flow of people washing over Europe. This has led to a focus on containment and return and international collaboration has become essential in this regard. EU and its member countries have developed new approaches to migration policy based on the externalization of their borders. Moreover, migration has become a matter of diplomatic activity and the subject has become an integral part of the foreign policy agenda of African and European states.
The panel discussed how African countries view migration and its challenges and possibilities, and asked what incentives these countries have to collaborate with European countries. They also discussed how external policy initiatives in migration governance have played out in African countries. 
In the panel:
- Ottilia Anna Maunganidze, head of special projects in the office of the executive director at the Institute for Security Studies. One of her focus areas is migration trends and policy. She has written several pieces on migration, Africa and Europe and how to build a consensus.
- Mehari Taddele Maru, Professor at Robert Schuman Centre for Advances Studies and School of Transnational Governance. Maru has previously worked as a Programme Coordinator for the African Union Migration Programme and he was also the Africa expert member for the review of the Africa-EU Partnership om Migration, Mobility and Employment.
- Cathrine Talleraas, researcher at Christian Michelsen Institute and senior researcher at the Peace Research Institute Oslo. Talleraas is currently working on projects related to migration, transnational living and migration management and is the leader of the project ”Effects of Externalisation: EU migration management in Africa and the Middle East”.
- Luisa Faustini Torres, holds a PhD in Political and Social sciences from the Uniersitat Pompeu Fabra. Torres wrote her PhD on the nexus between EU external migration policies and the democratization of countries in the Southern Mediterranean neighbourhood, with Marocco as a case study. 
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Effects of Externalisation

Nov 2020 - Dec 2024