The podcast “Er vi der snart?” (“Are we soon there?”) explores how temporary protection and the recent focus on return in Danish asylum policy influence Syrian refugees and professionals in the field’s everyday lives. In conversations with refugees, professionals, and researchers, Sarah-Louise Mortensen and her co-host Salah Zada discuss topics like home, life choices, time, law, repatriation, education, and Syria in this new legal context. They have together created 6 episodes and an introductory episode which you can find here:

The podcast is a part of Sarah-Louise's PhD project (Aarhus University and UiB). She has been interested in experimenting with podcast as medium for co-creation and knowledge sharing, and the knowledge produced in (and around) the conversations constitutes a part of her data-collection. For Salah Zada, who has a refugee background, the podcast is a medium to create more awareness about Syrian refugees’ different experiences of living with temporary protection in Denmark. 


The podcast is in Danish. It is produced by M-26-7, and financed by The Danish Institute in Damascus and the Institute for Culture and Society at Aarhus University.