The sixth and last episode of the podcast: “Er vi der snart?” (Are we soon there?) is published! In conversation with senior researcher at The Danish Institute for Human Rights Nikolas Feith Tan and professor in anthropology at Aarhus University Mikkel Rytter, Salah Zada and Sarah-Louise Mortensen discuss topics of the podcast and relate them to recent research. We also ask the question: “What does the future bring?”.

As it is the last episode, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the podcast and made the production possible. A special thanks to our 12 podcast guests for inspiring conversations and good discussions. Thank you to the Danish Institute in Damascus and the Institute for Culture and Society at Aarhus University for funding this project. And last but not least: thank you very much for listening!









CMI Report | 2022

Refugees as future returnees? Anatomy of the ‘paradigm shift’ towards temporary protection in Denmark

The ‘paradigm shift’ in Danish asylum policy, officially introduced in 2019, implied the adoption of quasi-mandatory rules on revocation of asylum residence permits as soon as the circumstances in the...
Jens Vedsted-Hansen (2022)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report 2022:6) 44 p.