This organisational performance review of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) was commissioned by Norad and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). It has been a participatory exercise, facilitated by CMI and led by Arne Strand, with team members from Norad, the MFA, NRC and with independent consultants.

The main objective of the review has been to assess NRC's ability to achieve effective aid given its available financial, human and professional resources and work methods.

The review team highlights the following recommendations:

  • NRC should define what the organisation understands by durable solutions in each of the situations where NRC is working, and identify categories of situations, for example reintegration versus return.
  • Despite the limited availability of longer-term funding, NRC needs to foster a higher degree of continuity in central job positions. This could be achieved by offering job agreements with Country Directors and other central staff members for at least two years, with a clause allowing for the dependency on available funding for the job.
  • NRC needs to pay further attention to the introductory courses provided for its staff, particularly Country Directors. NRC should also ensure proper time for the overlapping of Country Directors.
  • NRC must make a concerted effort to review the present guidelines and handbooks, and ensure that they are easy to use and available at all country offices and on the intranet. They should also be translated into the major languages in the countries of operation and made available to all staff members.
  • NRC is advised urgently to improve its human resource development. Anyone holding a permanent position, regardless of whether she/he is an expatriate or national staff member, must receive the same introduction to NRC and to his/her job.

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