TemPro partners Mikkel Rytter and Sarah-Louise J. Mortensen are editors of a book in Danish on the 'paradigm shift' in Danish asylum policy, and its consequences for refugees, the state and civil society. The publication includes chapters from Mikkel, Sarah-Louise,  and Jens Vedsted-Hansen from the TemPro project, as well as many other wonderful Danish colleagues.

Here is the link to this open access publication:


And here you can download individual chapters:


If you'd like to listen (in Danish) to a podcast about the book: 


And finally, an op-ed by Mikkel (in Danish):



CMI Report | 2022

Refugees as future returnees? Anatomy of the ‘paradigm shift’ towards temporary protection in Denmark

The ‘paradigm shift’ in Danish asylum policy, officially introduced in 2019, implied the adoption of quasi-mandatory rules on revocation of asylum residence permits as soon as the circumstances in the...
Jens Vedsted-Hansen (2022)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report 2022:6) 44 p.