Researchers from the EFFEXT project contribute to the Nordic Council of Ministers’ ‘Fast Track to Vision 2030’.

A policy brief from the EFFEXT project has been included in NordForsk’s ‘Fast Track to Vision 2030’ report. The report seeks to inform the Nordic Council of Ministers when planning how the Nordic countries should prioritize, act, and cooperate in the years 2025-2030.

The ‘Fast Track to Vision 2030’ report informs the Nordic Council of Ministers’ aim for the Nordic countries to be the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. The report is a collection of policy briefs and covers a wide range of topics from the challenges and opportunities of digitalization, to climate and healthy food systems, migration and integration. The EFFEXT team has provided policy recommendations regarding migration governance and research funding.

-International collaboration on migration governance is intensifying - also between the Nordics and the Global South – including policies on external border control, readmission and so called “root cause” initiatives. Since this is an evolving and dynamic field, I think it’s crucial that new research insights in this field are included in policy making processes, says Cathrine Talleraas, researcher at CMI and EFFEXT project leader, and calls for a broader approach to international migration – beyond integration issues – in the council’s future calls for research in the Nordics.


Effects of Externalisation

Nov 2020 - Dec 2024