What makes some judiciaries more activist and receptive to their concerns and others less so?

The four articles presented in this symposium originated in an interdisciplinary workshop held in Santiago, Chile, in December 2005, which attempted to answer these questions. The focus of the workshop was on new democracies in Africa and Latin America, but participants also drew on the experiences of more developed and stable legal systems in Europe.

"Courts and the marginalized: Comparative perspectives" 
Siri Gloppen
and Rachel Sieder

"Courts and marginalized groups: Perspectives from Continental Europe"
Carlo Guarnieri

"The judiciary and indigenous rights in Guatemala"
Rachel Sieder

"Claiming individual rights through a constitutional court: The example of gays in Costa Rica"
Bruce M. Wilson

 "Courts and the poor in Malawi: Economic marginalization, vulnerability, and the law"
Siri Gloppen and Fidelis Edge Kanyongolo