Participants at CMI Tax Day 2024. CMI

In collaboration with the Norwegian Tax Administration (NTA), the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) and Tax Justice Norway (TJN), CMI organised a full day workshop taking stock of ongoing research on taxation and capacity building in sub-Saharan Africa. Discussing new initiatives and exploring avenues to strengthen ongoing collaboration, the event was an enlightening exploration of the latest results of the high-level research taking place on these topics.

The event included presentations on:

The Role of Trust in Tax Compliance

  • What’s trust got to do with it? An introduction. Odd-Helge Fjeldstad & Ingrid Sjursen.
  • Trust, enforcement and compliance: Lessons from Norway. Stian Skaalbones.
  • Leveraging religious leaders to increase voluntary tax compliance. Ingrid Home Sjursen & Jasmin Vietz.

The Fiscal Social Contract

Taxation and Business Development

  • Leveraging the tax system to trigger economic growth. Vincent Somville.
  • Planning for which future? Understanding micro-entrepreneurs' expectations in Tanzania. Adrien Dautheville.
  • Taxation and business development in Zanzibar: Findings from a business survey. Samwel Nassary & Odd-Helge Fjeldstad.

International Taxation

  • Towards inclusive international tax cooperation: the prospect of a UN tax convention. Andreas Fjeldskår & Kaja Guttormsgaard (TJN)

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