Vigdis Anita Gåskjenn has started working at CMI as Head of Finance. Elin Skaar has taken over as Research Director for the Rights, Democracy and Development group.

Lise Rakner has been invited to sit in the Swedish Development Policy Council by the State Secretary for International Development Co-operation.

Odd-Helge Fjeldstad has been invited to serve as a member of the ABCDE 2008 Steering Committee.

New Master's Students have joined CMI:

Pål Arne Aam, History, working on Norwegian Bilateral Aid to Zambia.
Kjersti Monen Berge, Comparative Politics, working on ethnic (indigenous) mobilisation and ethnic parties in Bolivia and Peru.
Trine Eide, Anthropoligy, writes about local discourses of reconciliation in Rwanda.
Chandra Kumar Ghimire, Public Administration, writes about public management in Nepal.
Elisabeth Guåker, Comparative Politics, writes about truth commissions in Nigeria.