Portuguese version: Novo Director do CMI

Ottar Mæstad succeeds Gunnar M. Sørbø as director of CMI. Ottar Mæstad (42) is an economist who knows the institute well. He has been at CMI since 2004. Mæstad looks very much forward to lead the institute and to continue to develop and strengthen CMI as a leading international research institute in development research:  

”CMI is more relevant than ever in relation to the challenges facing us. CMI has a vision and values with which I strongly identify. To produce knowledge that can contribute to lift people out of poverty, build peace and conquer injustice represents the most meaningful assignment for a research institute. The CMI staff is highly qualified, competent and committed to this task, and I look forward to ensure that we will lift each other and the institute to new peaks," says Ottar Mæstad. 

Since he came to CMI in 2004, Mæstad has built up the research programme Global Health and Development. Previously his research has focused on climate, energy and international trade.