The papers from the Maputo conference in April ready for download

Letter of invitation Maputo

Table of contents

Brito, Luis de: Challenge for Democracy: Low Turnout in Mozambique, Lesotho and Zâmbia 

Orre, Aslak: Who's to Challenge the Party State in Angola? Political Space & Opposition in parties and Civil Society

Moyo, Dumisano: The New Media as Monitors of Democracy: Mobile Phones and Zimbabwe's 2008 Election

Melber, Henning: The Legacy of the anti-colonial struggles in Southern Africa: Liberation Movements as Governments

Kassahun, Alemo: The Ethiopian Transition in Regional Perspective

Brito, Luís de: A Challenge for Democracy: Low turnout in Mozambique, Lesotho and Zâmbia

Melber, Henning: Implications of the Namibian Elections

Frère, Marie-Soleil: The Media and Elections in Post-conflict Central African Countries

Mlambo, Alois and Raftopoulos, Brian: The Regional Dimensions of Zimbabwe's Multi-layered Crisis: An analysis

Chibita, Monica N.: Ugandan Radio as a Political Space and the Policing Thereof

Namburete, Eduardo: The Role of Parliament in Mozambique Democracy

Patel, Nandini: Malawi's 2009 elections: A Critical Evaluation

Ndlela, Martin Nkosi: Mediating Democratic Engagement: Reflections on the Role of the Media in Electoral Processes

Simutanyi, Neo: The 2008 Presidential Elections in Zambia: Incumbency, Political Constestation and Failure of Political Opposition

Rakner, Lise: The Paradox of Party Institutionalization in a Liberal Era: The Cases of Zambia and Malawi

Rønning, Helge: Democracies, Autocracies or Partocracies? Reflections on what Happened when Liberation Movements were Transformed to Ruling Parties, and Pro-democracy Movements Conquered Government

Makara, Sabiti: Deepening Democracy Through Multipartyism: The Bumby Road to Uganda's 2011 Elections

Chichava, S.: A New Political Force in Mozambique?

Tørres, Liv Mesebetsi: Party Building and Bumby Roads to Democracy in sub-Saharan Africa