Former director of CMI, Just Faaland, has received the Merdeka Award. Faaland is awarded for his role in the formulation of the National Economic Policy (NEP).

Just Faaland was one of the architects behind Malaysian New Economic Policy (NEP), a socio-economic restructuring program launched by the Malaysian government in 1971. The stated goal was poverty eradication and economic growth. NEP  lasted until 1990. The overall wealth of the country as a whole grew. Radical poverty was almost eradicated.

Just Faaland, (b 1922) was "called"  to become a member of CMI and its Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in 1952. With additional support from Harvard University, Rockefeller and Ford Foundation he established development research at CMI and was directing its growth and expansion until he stepped down in 1988. He has been technical advisor to numerous governments in Asia and Africa. He was inter alia among the key individuals responsible for formulating Malaysia’s New Economic Policy in 1971. He has also been the President of the OECD Development Centre, Director-General of the International Food Policy Research Institute and Chairman of the UN Committee for Development Planning.

Faaland is Knight of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav, was awarded the Malaysian honorary title Tan Sri, and holds honorary doctorates from the University of Bergen and University of Malaya.

Announcement in Brunei Times

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