A World Bank project on Natural Resource Management

This project addresses the political economy of natural resource management in Nigeria and Ghana. The World Bank is well aware of the variation in developing countries' ability to draw economic benefits from the exploitation of natural resources for the societies at large.  What we have less information about is the importance of country-specific determinants such as the specific political economy behind natural resource management. Most producers of non-renewable resources have significant potential for improved growth through improved regulation of specific sectors and better revenue management. The project aims at identifying challenges in the regulation of industries as well as factors that may explain why returns from the sectors are below their potential.  The purpose is to give the development community a better understanding of country-specific challenges behind natural resource management (NRM) - and thereby develop more tailor-made policy initiatives. The project is being carried out in six African countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, DRC, Guinea, and Mauritania. It is financed in its total by the World Bank. CMI is responsible for the studies in Ghana and Nigeria, and the research is carried out in collaboration with local country specialists.