Photo: Attimi Autentici

This research project examines fifty years of conflict and co-existence in Lebanon, beginning with the short 1958 civil war and ending with the May 2008 clashes in Beirut.

The project includes commissioned studies written by leading Lebanon-experts from France, UK, Canada and Lebanon to be followed by a workshop in Bergen in 2010. The papers and workshop will allow a wider examination of Lebanon’s recurring political violence. Thus, critical aspects the period 1958–2008 is examined in six commissioned papers covering: recurring "conflict events", foreign intervention, power-sharing, monopolising the use of force, the urbanisation of violence and impunity. The project has two main aims: to increase our understanding of recurring political violence in Lebanon and, through this, contribute to its prevention.

The project will be coordinated by Research director Are Knudsen (CMI) in collaboration with Dr Michael Kerr (Director of the Centre for the Study of Divided Societies and Lecturer in Middle Eastern Studies at King's College London).