Magnus Hatlebakk

Senior Researcher; Coordinator: Poverty Dynamics

We combine quantitative and qualitative methodologies to understand long term poverty dynamics in rural Nepal. We conduct life-history interviews with a large random sample of households, preferably with an elderly person in each household. Major events are recorded, such as child births, education, land purchases and sales, medical and other crisis, migration events, and changes in occupations. We classify the long term asset accumulation strategies of each household, and attempt to identify critical events and household characteristics that may explain why some households are trapped in poverty, while other households have prospered.

Publications by the Nepal team:

Mishra, Chaitanya (2013) Household, Generational, and Fraternal Pathways to Poverty and Prosperity

Dhakal, Suresh (2013)  Getting Into and Out of Poverty: An Exploration of Poverty Dynamics in Eastern Tarai, Nepal Studies in Napali History and Society Volume 20 No.1 June 2015. 137-167.