The “Fundação Para o Desenvolvimento da Comunidade” (FDC) signed a contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on 30th September 2009 to implement the above project for a period 2009-2011, having a frame of NOK 15.5 million.

The overall goal of the project is to improve the health status and environment of target communities.  The aim was three-fold, (i) to improve the system of distribution and conservation of vaccines in the Health Units, (ii) to promote the use of LPG (gas) as an alternative to Kerosene and firewood, and (iii) to improve access to sources of environmentally friendly energy, by communities.

The purpose of the review is to assess the results obtained during the 4 years implementation phase, identify positive and negative aspects, constraints and challenges that influenced its implementation as well as lessons learned. The end review shall assess the achievements of objectives as reflected in project document in order to provide conclusions and recommendations for the future. Particular attention shall be paid to: efficiency, effectiveness, cost-efficiency and effectiveness, relevance and sustainability of the Project. Some reflections on the value for money shall also be considered.