Norway has provided financial support to the Blue Diamond Society (BDS) since 2007.  The Norwegian Embassy (in the current phase) provides support for three programme areas: institutional development and strengthening of BDS; human rights for sexual and gender minorities; and a media programme for the purpose of advocacy in relation to government and stakeholders.

The current 2015-2018 programme period is coming to an end. The Embassy has commissioned this end-review to assess relevance, effectivness, efficiiency and sustainability. The review is part of the process leading up to the decision regarding future support.

BDS was founded in 2001 to advocate for change in the existing laws against sexual minorities and to advocate for the rights of Nepal's marginalized gay, transgender and other sexual minority communities. BDS also aims to educate Nepalese society on sexual health, to advocate with local governments for sexual and gender minorities, to encourage the artful expression of LGBTI youth, and to document violence against Nepalese sexual and gender minority communities. Another of its contributions to Nepal's LGBTI communities is to provide care, counselling, and services to people living with HIV and AIDS.