Photo: Bernhard Huber

We study the liberation of the Kamaiyas of the western terai of Nepal. We discuss to what extent the Kamaiayas can be considered as bonded laborers, and what in particular made the labor contract "bonded". The authors apply different approaches, but all combine interviews with the Kamaiyas with theoretical analysis to provide partial, and sometimes conflicting, answers to these questions. The project has also partly supported a study of similar labor contracts in the eastern terai, conducted by Suresh Dhakal, Tribhuvan University.

Publications from partners:

Dhakal, S: (2007). "Haruwa, the Unfree Agricultural Labourer: A case study from Eastern Tarai". Contributions to Nepalese Studies. 34(2): 277-301. CNAS/TU.

Paper by Dhakal: Haruwa