This book, co-edited by Harald Mathisen from CMI/U4 describes how corruption is a serious problem for both rich and poor countries, threatening international development and eroding confidence in governments.

In the health sector, corruption is literally a matter of life and death: facilities crumble when repair funds are embezzled; fake drugs flood the market with corrupt regulators managing supply, and doctors extorting under-the-table payments from patients fail to provide needed care. Most major development organizations have rewritten their anticorruption strategies in the last five years, hinting that reform is within reach. But these strategies pay little attention to incentives and capacity at the sector level. Those preparing to fight corruption in the health sector have very few resources to guide them until now.

Anticorruption in the Health Sector brings practical experience to bear on anticorruption approaches tailored specifically to health. The contributors, all skilled practitioners, address the consequences of different types of corruption and show how agencies can more effectively address these challenges as an integral part of their development work. Both practitioner and classroom-friendly, this book finally addresses a neglected issue that has so much bearing on global health and governance.

Table of Contents:

Part One: Taking Funds from Public Coffers
1) Introduction: Closing Opportunities for Corruption in the Health Sector - Taryn Vian, William D. Savedoff and Harald Mathisen
2) Fighting Fraud in Hospitals - Stephen N. Musau and T. Vian
3) Embezzlement of Donor Funding in Health Projects - Katherine Semrau, Nancy Scott and T. Vian
4) Reducing Vulnerabilities to Corruption in User Fee Systems - T. Vian

Part Two: Demanding Payment Where Services Should Be Free
5) Informal Pay and the Quality of Health Care: Lessons From Tanzania - Ottar Mæstad and Aziza Mwisongo
6) Strategies for Reducing Informal Payments - Kelly Miller and T. Vian

Part Three: Manipulating Procurement and Drug Supply
7) Pay for Honesty? Lessons on Wages and Corruption from Public Hospitals - W. Savedoff
8) Preventing Drug Diversion Through Supply Chain Management - T. Vian
9) The Impact of Information and Accountability on Hospital Procurement Corruption - W. Savedoff
10) Transparency and Accountability in an Electronic Era: The Case of Pharmaceutical Procurement; Brenda Waning and T. Vian

Part Four: Restoring Integrity Through Transparency and Accountability
11) Transparency in Health Programs - T. Vian
12) Using Financial Performance Monitoring to Promote Transparency and Accountability in Health Systems - David Collins and T. Vian
13) Budget Transparency, Civil Society and Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys - W. Savedoff and Ethan Joselow

In this volume: