About five per cent of Norwegian support to civil society organisations is channelled via Norwegian umbrella and network organisations. These organisations serve as an intermediary between Norad and civil society organisations with regard to channeling funds, quality assurance, reporting and other functions, as well as engaging in advocacy on behalf of their members.

The objectives of this evaluation were to establish and assess the theory of change and the assumptions behind the Norwegian support through and to UNOs, and to assess the effectiveness efficiency and added value of this modality for support based on case studies in Nepal and Tanzania. The team was also asked to compare support through umbrella and network organisations with alternative ways to channel support to civil society development.

The evaluation focuses on umbrella and network organisations as a model, and did not aim at assessing any one organisation in particular.  Eight Norwegian organisations were included in the evaluation:

  • Atlas-Alliance (Umbrella Organisation for the Disabled)
  • Digni (Umbrella Organisation based on Christian Values)
  • FOKUS (Forum for Women and Development)
  • ForUM (Forum for Environment and Development)
  • PWYP (Publish What You Pay) Norway
  • VNS (Friendship North-South)
  • DCG (Drylands Coordination Group)
  • LNU (The Norwegian Children and Youth Council)