The collaboration between the Departments of Anthropology in the University of Khartoum and the University of Bergen has now lasted for over 50 years. Many schools of thought have left their mark on the development of the discipline in Khartoum. A number of issues related to development are of concern to the departments’ staff in Khartoum and their colleagues in Bergen. The major issues that dominate the theoretical and empirical contributions of the department members in Khartoum are development, ethnicity and power relations. Addressing these issues researchers have to invoke the history that shapes the country’s development. Opportunities to progress in development without falling in the ethnicity trap came and passed without the elite paying the necessary attention.  The recent resurgence of ethnicity coupled with economic inequality and marginalization dominated the scene. Learning from experience and making emphasis on issues related to development and peace are the major topics that engage the interested staff in both departments and other relevant institutions such as Ahfad University in Sudan and the Chr. Michelsen Institute in Norway. They are addressed within the context of development in the Sudan.

Abdel Ghaffar Ahmed

Associated Research Professor