Forced and Coerced Sterilization: A global violation of the human rights of marginalized women and transgender people. Panel Discussion at the 59th Commission on the Status of Women, United Nations New York.

Date: March 18th, 2015
The panel explored similarities between diverse experiences of forced and coerced sterilization of women living with HIV, women with disabilities, indigenous women, poor women and transgender people. The panel dialogue sought to build solidarity among siloed efforts to end forced and coerced sterilization with the goal of sharing strategies and sparking collaborative efforts to end this egregious practice.
Panel Moderated by: Malayah Harper, Chief, Gender Equality and Diversity Division, UNAIDS
Panelists included:
Teresia Njoki Otieno, International Community of Women Living with HIV
Justus Eisfeld, GATE – Global Action for Trans* Equality
Andrea Parra, Action Program for Equality and Social Inclusion (PAIIS),
Camila Gianella, Centre on Law & Social Transformation
Lydia Guterman, past manager of the Campaign to Stop Torture in Healthcare.

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