The workshop was requested by Norad and GIZ in Indonesia, with a wish to focus on improving anti-corruption outcomes in relation to the forest sector and land use change. In consultation with the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), the workshop focused-in on one particular policy area, the One Map Policy, with potential for anti-corruption impacts. The One Map is a key part of Indonesia’s national anti-corruption strategy. Participation was drawn from U4 Partners in Indonesia (GIZ, Norway, DFID), as well as UNDP, World Bank, USAID, KPK, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and selected academics (National University of Singapore) and NGOs (World Resources Institute, Indonesia). The main objectives of the workshop were to: • Review the One Map initiatives’ contributions to anti-corruption goals in the forest sector; and the anti-corruption efforts to environmental preservation in the forest sector; • Facilitate partnerships to improve the feasibility of anti-corruption impacts via the One Map and other natural resource data transparency initiatives.

David Aled Williams

Principal Adviser (U4) and Senior Researcher (CMI)