Research Staff

Jana Birke Belschner

Postdoctoral Researcher

Political Scientist focusing on the political inclusion of youth, gendered patterns of representation, and online political violence.

Jana is a post-doctoral researcher in the NRC-project "The Cost of Doing Politics. Gender Aspects of Political Violence". Her work focuses on gendered patterns of online political violence. Specifically, she investigates to what extent the scope, form, and consequences of online harassment against politicians are gendered.

Thematically, her research investigates the political representation of youth and women. She is specifically interested in processes and institutions that condition political careers and, thereby, political group representation: Electoral systems, political parties, and parliaments as working places. One key characteristic of her research is a comparative approach to political systems in different world regions, comparing for example new and consolidated democracies.

In August 2020, Jana successfully defended her PhD dissertation “The Political Inclusion of Youth. Quotas, Parties, and Elections in Democratic and Democratizing States”. The dissertation is shortlisted for the 2021 ECPR Joni Lovenduski price in Gender & Politics. Jana's work is published in international political science journals like Government & Opposition, Representation, and Politics, Groups, and Identities.