Master's Students

Bjarte Bjørsvik

Master's Student

Master's Student in History focusing on Syria-Russia

Bjarte is a Master's student from the Middle East Programme in History at the University of Bergen. He is currently writing his thesis on Syria’s relations with Russia/Soviet Union during the Syrian occupation of Lebanon (1976–2005).

Bjarte has a Master from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH); a Bachelor in Middle East History; and Latin-American and Spanish language studies, both from the University of Bergen. 

He has been working in Central America as a volunteer with refugees, journalist and for the UNDP Guatemala. Bjarte was working on Arms Exports Control in the Swedish Fellowship for Reconciliation and has several years of experience on integration of refugees and immigrants at the Municipality of Bergen.

He has studied Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and co-founded and led the organization NVC Norway (IVK Norge). As a mediator at the Norwegian Mediation Service he has experience in conflict mediation.