Master's Students

Levi Westerveld

Master's student

Geographer focusing on GIS analysis and cartography to analyze and communicate socio-environmental issues.

Levi Westerveld is presently on a one year leave of absence from GRID-Arendal/UN Environment to pursue a master in Human Geography whilst based at CMI. At GRID-Arendal, Levi worked as a project manager and his main activities included the production of a GIS model to predict plastic debris accumulation on the Norwegian coast, the publication of 5 Pacific countries marine spatial planning atlases, and the development of online interactive maps to support the management of protected areas in Vietnam.

Over the last 4 years, Levi has conducted fieldwork and capacity building activities in numerous regions including the Arctic (Finnmark, Alaska), Africa (Kenya, Zimbabwe) and Asia (Nepal, Vietnam, Mongolia, the United Arab Emirates). Prior to joining GRID-Arendal, Levi worked for the Geographies of the Holocaust Collaborative, on a NOAA vessel and at the Taiwan National University Lab for Geospatial Computational Science. He has extensive experience working with various geospatial products, including more complex data sources such as Holocaust survivors testimonies, Indigenous Peoples genealogy records, human faces and drone imagery among others.

Levi’s cartographic work has been featured in National geographic and national newspapers among others. His work was recognized through multiple awards, including most recently the Avenza Competition for Cartographic Design (AAG, Washington, 2019), the Global Story Maps Awards (ESRI, 2018, San Diego) and the Kantar Information is Beautiful award (London, 2017).

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