Research Staff

Svein-Erik Bøthun Helle

Coordinator, Governance and Democracy, Post-Doctoral Researcher

Completed projects

Political scientist currently working as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow focusing on the backlash against democracy in Africa.

Helle submitted his PhD on the causes and consequences of the uneven playing field in electoral competitions in non-democracies in Sub-Saharan Africa at the University of Bergen in the spring of 2017. His work focuses on the role institutions and critical actors in capturing, maintaining, preserving and changing political power. In his research, he prefers adopting a multi-method approach. Helle has experience from long-term fieldwork in Uganda and Angola. 

Helle is currently a post-doctoral fellow on the joint UiB and CMI project 'Understanding the Backlash against Democracy in Africa". He is interested in issues related to political inequality, human rights, democracy, governance and civil society.



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