Once a semester the 15-20 development economists working at different institutions in Bergen meet to discuss their latest work together with an invited speaker. Today, Professor Jean-Philippe Platteau from University of Namur, Belgium, is visiting. he is one of the leading economists studying the interplay between formal regulations and informal customs in managing natural resources in poor countries. He will present a paper on the strategic interaction between modern law and customs. Frome Bergen, Ingvild Almås will present a paper that is part of her work on re-estimating inequality in the world. She has shown that the poor are poorer than we used to believe.

From CMI, Merima Ali presents a paper on clustering of small enterprises in the handloom industry in Ethiopia, while Vincent Somville presents a paper on the economic importance of occult forces in Benin.


13.15-14.00 Merima Ali (CMI): Clustering as an Organizational Response to Captial Market Inefficiency: Evidence from Micro and Small Scale Enterprises in Ethiopia

14.15-15.00 Ingvild Almås (NHH): Global inequality and poverty: New evidence based on the welfare consistent Geary Allen World Accounts

15.15-16.00 Vincent Somville (CMI): Double, Double Toil and Trouble: An Investigation on Occult Forces Expenditures in the Heartland of Voodoo

16.15-17.15 Jean-Philippe Platteau (FUNDP-Namur): Strategic interactions between the modern law and the customs

Contact at CMI: Magnus Hatlebakk