Will REDD+ improve forest governance and address corruption, or add to corruption problems leading to social, environmental and economic harm? 

Norway has committed more funding to advance REDD+ than any other donor country. This role is a source of debate at home and abroad. The relationship between REDD+ and corruption forms a key part of this debate.

The U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre hosts a public seminar to critically discuss the relationship between REDD+ and corruption, and consider the challenges facing anti-corruption efforts.

A panel of practitioners and researchers will lead the debate: Christian Nellemann, United Nations Environment Programme, Grid Arendal; Ahmad Dermawan, Center for International Forestry Research, Indonesia; Grizelda Mayo-Anda, Environmental Legal Assistance Centre, Philippines; Lars Ekman, Norad; Estelle Fach, United Nations Development Programme, Geneva; Davyth Stewart, Head of Interpol’s Law Enforcement Assistance for Forests (LEAF) projec.