Jacinta O'Hagan is Academic Co-ordinator for the Peace and Conflict Specialization in the Graduate Studies in International Affairs Program, Research School of Pacific & Asian Studies at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia. She has been Third Secretary with the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and lecturer at the International Relations, School of Political Science and International Studies, University of Queensland, visitng scholar at the Center for International Studies, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and an affiliated researcher at the Center for International Studies, Massachusetts Institute for Technology.

O'Hagan is author of Conceptions of the West in International Relations Thought: From Oswald Spengler to Edward Said, (Basingstoke: Macmillan, 2002). She also co-edited with Greg Fry Contending Images of World Politics, (Basingstoke: Macmillan, 2000).