In 2014 Brazil will host the FIFA World Cup, and in 2016 the city of Rio de Janeiro will host the Summer Olympic Games. The preparations for these mega-events directly affect tens of thousands of Brazilians.

The film Before The Party is a critical comment on how the preparations play out in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It takes us to several favelas, the self-constructed neighbourhoods in which some 22 percent of cariocas live. How do the preparations for the mega-events shape favela life, as well as the relations between poor and rich people? The film will be introduced by its director, senior researcher Einar Braathen (NIBR). 

After the screening, associate professor Gilmar Mascarenhas (State University of Rio de Janeiro) will share his perspectives about the current situation in Rio as the city gets ready for the World Cup and the Olympics. This will be followed by questions and discussion.

The film, presentations and discussion will be in English and Portuguese.

Film: Before the Party (2012, director: Einar Braathen, camera: Anne Kjersti Bjørn, editing: Helga Fjordholm; English and Portuguese, 14 min.).

Einar Braathen is Senior Researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR). He is currently a coordinator of the project Urban Chances - City Growth and the Sustainability Challenge (Chance2Sustain) funded by the EU Commission, with special responsibilty for the research on Rio de Janeiro.

Gilmar Mascarenhas is Associate Professor at the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (State University of Rio de Janeiro). Specialized in urban and sports geography, Mascarenhas has published several international articles and a book about the relations between sports mega-events and host cities with a focus on territorial changes, conflicts and citizenship.

The film seminar is hosted by the Everyday Maneuvers research project, Chr. MIchelsen Institute.

Event photo: From the film Before the Party. Photographer: Anne Kjersti Bjørn