Photo: Lise Rakner

'Good governance' is no longer the catch word in the international donor community. The focus is now on 'good fit' or 'good enough governance' - on which forms of governance actually work well, and which badly, in creating successful development. The developmental state - where an active state intervenes in the economy and facilitates growth and development - is one of the models promoted in this context. Aspiring developmental states in Africa (for example Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Uganda) have been successful in providing socio-economic outputs, while promotion of individual rights have been pushed further down on their agenda. What implications does this have for democratisation and inclusive development in the longer run?

David Booth (Overseas Development Institute, UK) will present the Africa Power and Politics Programme's arguments on development and governance in Africa, while Lise Rakner (UiB) and Sabiti Makara (Makerere, Uganda) will be discussants.