The separation of the two Sudans in July 2011 created as many
opportunities as it aroused difficulties and threats, therefore opening new
research fields in Social Sciences. The resumption of tensions and
confrontations between the North and the South in 2012 further
complicated dialogues. Following the secession, euphoria in the South
and acceptation in the North gave way to heavy political, economic and
safety challenges.
The fields of analysis regarding political and social reshuffling are many,
and for a majority of them, yet to study. The CEDEJ-Khartoum and the
CFEE-Addis Ababa launched a scientific dialogue process on Sudans in
June 2012. That work aimed at giving an academic content to the debate,
which official talks often miss to address; and to convey discussions
between Sudanese and South Sudanese scholars, more necessary than
ever today. They decided to renew the initiative in 2013, in line with the
works underway.
From 10-12 June, these topics will be discussed at a roundtable conference in Addis Ababa. The conference is organized by CEDEJ and CFEE in cooperation with CMI. Please find the attached programme for further details.
Dr. Agnès de Geoffroy, CEDEJ Khartoum,
Dr. Jean Francois Breton, CFEE Addis Ababa
CEDEJ: Lorraine Etienne,
CFEE: Jean-Gabriel Leturcq,,
+251 (0)9 24 95 47 72