Åse Gilje Østensen (UiB) in conversation with Dr. Kjetil Selvik (CMI/UiB) and Mohammad Mostafaei (Iranian human rights lawyer).

Iran prepares its 14 June presidential election at a critical juncture. International sanctions are increasing, the economy is failing, and political freedom is on the decline. Will President Ahmadinejad's successor set the country on a new direction? Are there real political alternatives? And will the people trust the election result?

Kjetil Selvik (CMI/UiB) is a political scientist specializing in comparative politics of the Middle East region. Selvik is currently working on boundaries between 'insiders' and 'outsiders' in the Iranian political system.

Mohammad Mostafaei is an Iranian human rights lawyer specializing in death penalty cases, particularly those with juvenile defendants. In 2010, he fled to Norway due to alleged persecution by Iranian authorities. Besides his work as a lawyer, he writes articles in the Iranian media and keeps a weblog about the human rights situation in Iran.

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