Åse Gilje Østensen (Royal Norwegian Naval Academy) in conversation with Deane Alan Simpson (Royal Danish Academy of Arts School of Architecture/BAS) and Håvard Walla (Norwegian National Security Authority).


Threats and fear of terrorism affect how we design and think about security in public spaces. Architects are now, more than ever, in need of planning buildings and urban spaces, not only with potential natural disasters in mind, but cognizant of potential man-made destruction such as acts of terrorism. How can architecture efficiently increase security in public spaces? How does security and perceptions of risk shape city spaces? Is increased surveillance the solution to secure urban areas and who should be responsible for our security in public spaces? How does the National Security Authority interpret threats to Norwegian public spaces and what can be done to remedy them?

Deane Simpson is an architect, educator and researcher teaching at the Royal Danish Academy of Arts School of Architecture, Copenhagen and at BAS, Bergen where he is a professor of architecture and urbanism. He received his Masters degree in architecture from Columbia University in New York and his doctorate from the ETH Zürich.

Simpson's research addresses contemporary urban and architectural phenomena, with a focus on socio-spatial transformations at the intersection of demographic change and processes of modernization, globalization and neo-liberalism. He publishes and lectures on his research internationally.

Håvard Walla is a senior adviser in strategic security at the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM). NSM is the coordinating body for critical national assets in accordance with the Norwegian Security Act, ensuring protective security against terrorism, sabotage and espionage for governmental entities subject to the Security Act. The NSM is facilitating the identification and protection of critical infrastructure and national assets as well as guiding the overall policy of protective security in governance.

Walla has an MA in Security and Intelligence from Brunel Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies (BCISS), London. Prior to working for NSM, Walla served as an intelligence officer in the Norwegian Army, with numerous operational deployments to the Balkans and Afghanistan.

Åse Gilje Østensen is an associate professor at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy. She holds a PhD from the Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen. Her research focuses on the commercialization of security, and in particular on the role of so-called private military and security companies within security governance both in conflict environments and as part of everyday security management.


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