The GOs, NGOs, INGOs and donors are intervening by different ways for the upliftment of their socio-economic conditions of these people. In spite of these, even the process of rehabilitation has not been completed and there remained many serious issues. The CMI, Bergen together with CEDA, Nepal, therefore, carried out the survey to find out situation of bonded labour after liberalization, interventions made and the further interventions required if any. The present paper, therefore, presents the findings of the survey work carried out in Nepal during February- March, 2005


The basic methodology used in the study was the household survey of vdcs of 4 districts of mid-western and far-western development regions followed by open interviews with government, NGOs/INGOs and donor agencies.

Chitrakar does research in various areas of development (especially policy aspect) and mangement (especially institutional aspect). He has a PhD in Development and Project Planning from the Development and Project Planning Centre, England.