Magnus Hatlebakk

Senior Researcher; Coordinator: Poverty Dynamics

Robert Lensink (Groningen) and Carol Newman (Dublin) are visiting CMI for the spring Bergen seminar in development economics. There will be papers on son-preference in South-Asia, technology transfers and foreign investments in Vietnam, the role of IMF for foreign aid flows, and on financial literacy in rural Rwanda.12.45               Free lunch in the seminar room (3. floor)


13.15-14.00    Magnus Hatlebakk (CMI): Son-preference, fertility and education (the qual-quant trade-off) in Nepal.

14.15-15.00    Carol Newman (Trinity College Dublin): Technology transfers, foreign investment and productivity spillovers: Evidence from Vietnam.

15.15-16.00    Rune Jansen Hagen (University of Bergen): Gatekeeper? The IMF, Aid Flows, and Policymaking in Low-Income Countries

16.15-17.15     Robert Lensink (University of Groningen):Financial Literacy and Financial Behavior: Experimental Evidence from Rural Rwanda.

1800               Dinner (self-paid). Please sign up for lunch and/or dinner: