Wednesday 20 August:




Welcome and opening (Siri Gloppen, Malcolm Langford)


Overview of the Field (Chair: Charles Ngwena)

Quantitative approaches to:

  • the study of legal mobilization (Theresa Squatrito)
  • the study of judicial behaviour (Gunnar Grendstad)
  • the study of judicial independence (Andrea Castagnola)


Coffee & Tea  


Overview of the Field (continued) (Chair:  Lise Rakner)

Quantitative approaches to:

  • the study of effects of courts and legal mobilization (Daniel Brinks)
  • the study of attitudinal effects (Elisabeth Ivarsflaten)


The Sexual and Reproducive Rights Lawfare project

Siri Gloppen: Introduction to the SRR project

Malcolm Langford    Quantitative Methods and Sexual and Reproductive Rights: The State of Research


Informal dinner (Sølvberget 22)


Thursday 21 August : Work in Progress
Commentators: Daniel Brinks, Alison Johnston


Sexual and Reproducive Rights Lawfare  (Chair: Siri Gloppen)


Malcolm Langford, Vegard Vibe & Tori L Kirkebø: Quantifying Sexual and Reproductive Rights Lawfare: An Emerging Database


Bruce Wilson & Camila Gianella: Studying effects of LGBT lawfare in Latin America


Paola Bergallo: Problems of judicial data


Coffee & Tea


Public opinion on sexual and reproductive rights

(Chair: Maja Janmyr, Comments: Elisabeth Ivarsflaten)


Camila Gianella: Public polls - good tool to assess support to abortion?


Malcolm Langford: Public Opinion and Sexual and Reproductive Rights: An Experimental Survey on the Role of Courts”  


Lise Bjånesøy: Populist radical right voters in Western Europe: Testing the three-dimensional political space hypotheses, and the surprising issue of gay rights.

12:15 – 13:00



Judicial politics (Chair: Bruce Wilson)


Jon Kåre Skiple & Henrik L. Bentsen: Using multi-level analysis to study court decisions


Andrea Castagnola: Legacies of Judicial Instability in Latin America

14:00 – 14:30 

Coffe & Tea                          


Svein-Erik Helle: Courts in Elections


Theresa Squatrito: Access to International Courts: Legitimacy Enhancing?


Malcolm Langford: Quantifying Social Rights Adjudication







Daniel Brinks  

(University of Texas at Austin/CMI)

Bruce Wilson

(University of Central Florida/CMI)

Charles Ngwena

(University of Pretoria)

Paola Bergallo

(University of Palermo, Buenos Aires)

Alison Johnston

(Oregon State University)

Theresa Squatrito

(PluriCourts, University of Oslo)

Stephanie Schmolzer

(PluriCourts, University of Oslo

Malcolm Langford

(NCHR, University of Oslo /CMI)

Tori Loven Kirkebø

(University of Oslo)

Gunnar Grendstad

(Comparative Politics, UiB)

Elisabeth Ivarsflaten

(Comparative Politics, UiB)

Siri Gloppen

(Comparative Politics, UiB(CMI)

Andrea Castagnola

(Comparative Politics, UiB)

Camila Gianella

(Comparative Politics, UiB)

Vegard Vibe

(Comparative Politics, UiB)

Lise Rakner                      

 (Comparative Politics, UiB/CMI)

Svein-Erik Helle

(Comparative Politics, UiB)

Jon Kåre Skiple

(Comparative Politics, UiB)

Henrik Litleré Bentsen

 (Comparative Politics, UiB)

Lise Lund Bjånesøy

(Comparative Politics, UiB)

Olav Bjørnebekk

(Comparative Politics, UiB)

Kurt-Rune Bergset

(Comparative Politics, UiB)

Roald Kalheim

(Comparative Politics, UiB)

Maja Janmyr    

(Faculty of Law, University of Bergen)

Linda Grøning

(Faculty of Law, University of Bergen) 

Jørn Jacobsen

(Faculty of Law, University of Bergen)